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Where the fuck do these people come from? Here we go.




Why I’m in:

  • Drone strikes
  • NDAA
  • Deportation of “illegal” immigrants
  • Guantanamo Bay
  • Anwar al-Awlaki
  • Raids on medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Military force in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, …

But don’t worry guys. Obama has swag.

It’s almost amazing. These people are so bored with their lives that they have actually deluded themselves into living out a V for Vendetta fantasy.

Let’s answer this systematically 

1. Works, and I don’t care

Works in what way? In the way that it kills who it’s supposed to kill? Because it certainly doesn’t do that. If you mean we kill some people that are bad sometimes, sure. Does that excuse killing innocent human beings? No ma’am it does not.

2. Does less than you think

Right, it just gives the president the power to turn off the bill of rights at will. Not a big deal.

3. Paranoia on your part

Paranoia? What kind of shitty excuse is that? He’s deported more than a million “illegals” That’s just fact.

4. Don’t care

You don’t care that he broke a campaign promise that was pretty key to his election? Never mind the fact that he made that promise in a year where he had a re-election campaign to consider four years later that might call back to his track record. I can’t imagine the amount of promise breaking a lame duck Obama will do.

5. There’s no way I could care less about this then I already do

You don’t care that American citizens can be assassinated extra-judicially? Actually…I’ll let this one go. If you don’t mind that citizens can be killed without trial, maybe we can arrange you being next.

6. Not the President’s fault i.e. you don’t understand how government works

The president may not have issued the order himself, but he sure as hell could have put policy in to place that would have stopped it. Barney Frank seems to think it’s a problem. I’m sure he just doesn’t understand how government works too.

7. All those countries are borderline insane, so again….wait for it….I don’t care

What does this even mean? How can an entire country be insane? Some how I feel like that’s an incredibly extreme generalization. I would assume you mean the governments, but the governments aren’t the ones being attacked in all but one of those cases.

Do you actually live in the real world?

Yes, we do, we just understand it slightly better than you seem to.

Liberals, formerly of the tolerant and anti-war crowd, have now become the giant racists? Good to know.
I couldn’t care less about those brown people over there or their innocent children because man their Governments are insane while ours clearly isn’t even though we’ve been ten times more aggressive than most of them? Verbally? Maybe not, depending on the country. Through action? ‘Ten times more’ might not cover it.
With all this person ‘doesn’t care’ about I imagine they must support Bush, too. Unless we’re saying taxes and abortion issues are more important than lives.

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Idiot signs…


My favorites:

1. “The student loan crisis is the next housing mortgage crisis”

Yet you’ll keep taking out student loans to pay for that bullshit liberal arts degree, won’t you? Then you’ll cry about how Wall Street bankers picked on you.

2. “Y U Not Angry America?”

Probably because when you try to convince us with signs they are 1. poorly made and 2. use twitter names as arguments. Both are not good for reaching reason.

No one forced people to buy houses, either, so the analogy is correct.
But yeah, I find it annoying too, even being a student myself.
“How do we end the deficit? End the War, Texas the rich.” Which had the makings to be a good sign before it showed it wanted to collectively punish by stealing and force including those who may not have done anything bad at all. And that makes me sick. My first boss was a very kind and generous man, third generation in his families business, one big enough to be on Oprahs “favorites” episodes. I made 3000 in 2 1/2 months for my first damned job. But the free turkeys and generous cash bonuses probably made him a filthy capitalist, hm? I bet they used their white privilege to get rich, too. Oh haha wait, they were ginger jews. Nevermind it was his family that not only came up with the recipe but began the business, him that ran it, the regulars like a family close enough that my direct supervisor had worked there for 60 years (people would call to see if she still worked there, sweetest damn lady), and me…a damned seasonal data entry clerk. Can anyone say he was stealing from someone who’s job relied not on productivity but on simply filing and entering orders that had already been made? The business didn’t even have salespeople, it relied completely on word of mouth. It makes me a bit sick when people are so clearly brainwashed into being bigots.

Not all the signs are dumb.
“Freedom of Assembly” “End Corporate Personhood” are things most sides can agree on.